Child Custody Law

Child Custody Law

Guardianship and Child Custody Attorney 

There are many reasons to seek guardianship or child custody orders.  In some cases, clients find themselves suddenly responsible for the care of a child due to unforeseen circumstances.  A court order provides caregivers with the authority to enroll the child in school, obtain medical care and treatment, obtain health insurance coverage, and generally take all steps to see to the child’s well-being.  A guardianship or custody order may be temporary or permanent, and may sometimes lead to an adoption plan in the future.

In other cases, disabled or mentally ill children reach adulthood, and their loved ones require a court order to continue to make sound decisions for their welfare.  

A parent, spouse, or loved one may suffer from debilitating illness, mental impairment, or traumatic injury, and it often becomes necessary for a responsible adult to seek a court order granting the authority to make decisions on that person’s behalf.

Fast and Responsive Service   

Wilcox Legal Services, LLC, will meet with you to assess the needs of your proposed ward, and go through the proper court process to obtain a voluntary or involuntary guardianship or custody order. In some cases quick action is required.  

Our firm pledges to approach each matter with compassion, empathy and sound legal advice, taking into consideration all the complex factors at plan.  

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