Domestic Adoptions

Domestic Adoptions

Adopting a child is a wonderful and fulfilling option for expanding your family.   However, it can be challenging, particularly if you or your attorney do not understand the extremely technical steps to successfully adopting a child.  Adoption proceedings may involve multi-state, federal, and international law, so it is essential to choose a knowledgeable and competent professional to navigate the process.

At Your Service

Sherri T. Wilcox is an adoptive mother with vast Adoption experience.    

There are many paths to adoption – domestic or international placements through private or public agencies, direct arrangements with birth parents, stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions and adoption of adults. Wilcox Legal Services, LLC, can assist by:

  • Pre-placement assessment of potential risks to an adoption plan.
  • Communicating with agencies or birth parents on your behalf.
  • Courtroom representation for uncontested matters.
  • Negotiating open adoption agreements.
  • Taking steps to protect privacy in closed adoptions. 
  • Crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” to avoid negative outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your family through adoption.  Call today to learn more about how Wilcox Legal Services, LLC, can help with your adoption plans.

With my first client . . . my son Julien!

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